La Farine originated in Palatine in 2005, where owner, Rida Shahin, brought his baking skills. At first the purpose of the bakery was for whole sale, until he decided to expand the business in to retail and that is when we moved the bakery to Wicker Park in 2008. In 2010, La Farine Bakery received "Best Bread" award from Time Out Chicago because of our unique flavors, textures and crust that give our bread a wonderful versatility. Three years later, there was a HIGH demand from both our retail and wholesale, we had to move our business in to a bigger location. Now you can find La Farine Bakery in Avondale neighborhood, in a beautiful vintage 12,000 square foot building serving our fresh baked breads and pastries.  

At La Farine Bakery, our distinctive breads are freshly baked daily, with unique flavors texture and crust give our products a wonderful versatility. It is a result of meticulous preparation using old-age artisan bread making techniques, premium ingredients and the finest stone-hearth oven imported from Europe.

Keeping the tradition of the artisan bread makers, we use natural starters that unlock and intensify the flavor of a grain during a slow fermentation process. These natural techniques are very different from adding commercial yeast in order to hasten the time it takes for the bread to rise and adding lard or oil in order for the product to last longer. The techniques we master allow us not to add any added fats or preservatives, which is one of the biggest things we pride and help set us aside from your traditional bread makers.


Rida Shahin

Rida Shahin not only has a passion for bread but it's his life! He (Middle Eastern) and his wife (Polish), had been searching for a bread they could get behind. Every loaf they found was a disappointment, Rida took up the task himself and began searching for recipes. That's when, after months of searching, he finally found the perfect recipe and made a baguette, it all started from there. Bread consumed him! Eventually he decided to quit his job as a biologist, "you don’t see the result for two years in biology”, he reasons. “But in the bakery, you see a loaf of bread". He traveled to Minnesota to studied at the National Baking Center, and he immersed himself in an ancient way of bread making, where time is the main component. The list of ingredients he refuses to put in his breads (sugar, oil, margarine, fermenters) grew longer than those that he will (flour, yeast, water, salt). He returned to Palatine; purchased an stone-hearth oven imported from Europe, began his meticulous preparation using age-old artisan bread making techniques, premium ingredients and La Farine Bakery was Started in 2005.

La Farine Bakery & Cafe

2909 N. Milwaukee Ave,

Chicago, IL 60618

Phone. 872-829-2002

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                     Monday-Sunday 6:30AM-5PM            CLOSED ONLY ON: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Days