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This is my jam! The Tomato Jam!

Happy Saturday everyone! What beautiful weather we had today! The sun have been a little timid today but otherwise perfect day to have a hot drink or iced coffee.

Today is Farmer's Market day! On Saturdays we go to the Farmer's Market in Lincoln Park right in the Lincoln Park High School parking lot. On Thursdays we go to three Farmer's Markets. In Thursday mornings, you can find us in the Hyde Park Farmer's Market and Willis Tower Farmer's Market. On Thursday evenings, you can find us in the Lowline Farmer's Market located right under the Southport Brown Line Station.

Today was a busy prep day for Roger, our prep guy/everything else guy. Everything in our menu that is served on a sandwich or salad are carefully hand-cut and freshly prepared. Today he made Kickin Tuna, Thousand Island dressing, Balsamic Dressing, and Tomato Jam.

The Kickin Tuna is made with tuna, finely chopped capers, minced jalapenos, olive oil, and a little bit of salt and pepper. The Kickin Tuna is served on a fresh demi baguette with fresh sliced tomatoes and a sliced hard-boiled egg. The jalapenos in the tuna salad gives it just enough kick and softens it with some juicy tomato slices. The sandwich is then completed with one whole sliced hard-boiled egg to give it the creamy flavor that you need without the gooey mess. Best part, NO MAYO. Healthy, and happy.

The Tarragon Chicken salad is probably my most favorite salad to prep. Why? Because I get to slice so many fruits and vegetables with a sharp knife. Also the chicken is shredded by hand. Sounds a little barbaric? Tell that to our vegan employee Monica who had to shred the chicken once. But, there's really nothing more beautiful than a medley of juicy roasted chicken, fresh sliced apples and grapes, mellowed out with some aromatic minced tarragon.

Have you ever ordered your McDonald's burgers with Big Mac Sauce? Did you know that Big Mac Sauce is only Thousand Island Dressing? Don't be fooled! You can make your own Thousand Island Dressing at home just like we make it here at La Farine Bakery. You will need minced and squeezed pickles, mayo, ketchup, and our secret ingredient... chili paste! Put a little salt and pepper to taste then you can put your homemade sauce on ANYTHING. Homemade is always best. Less mayo, no sugar, no extra who-knows-what.

Our balsamic dressing is very easy to make but comes with a bold taste. You don't need any special equipment to make it. Mince about 4 cloves of garlic and mix with 1 cup of olive oil and 1 cup of balsamic, give or take a few teaspoons of balsamic depending on how acidic you want your dressing to be. Using the robotcoupe (our pet monster in the kitchen), or any other food processor, mince the garlic and the oil together then add the balsamic vinegar last. Make sure to salt and pepper to taste. This dressing is so good and easy to make that you can call your mother and let her know that you finally have your life together and she can come over for dinner. Serve her this dressing and she will actually believe you.

The tomato jam is probably the most time-consuming and most temperamental product to make. The tomato jam goes on the bread as a spread for the broccoli rabe. Did you know that you can jam tomatoes? I didn't. The tomato jam is made by slow cooking some sexy plumb tomatoes with some sugar, adding a dash of cumin, and pepper flakes or a fuller flavor. The result is a party in your mouth that will make you say, this is my jam, the Tomato Jam!

Come try our unique artisan sandwiches. Inspirations range from Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, and French. Whatever you have a taste for, we have something to take that hunger to another level.

Here at La Farine Bakery, we love food, we love bread, we love coffee. Our passion lies in our product and our service. We believe that our little neighborhood bakery has a symbiotic relationship with this community. We strive to build stronger community relationships so don't be shy to talk to us, ask us for recipes, or for any tips and advice regarding bread, food, coffee, and etc.

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