La Farine Bakery & Cafe


Once upon a day at La Farine Bakery...

It was just another prep day before the Saturday's Farmer's Market. I love prepping. There's something about slicing things with sharp knives that calms me down and helps me relax.

Before I did anything, I needed to make my Iced Hazelnut Mocha with Almond Milk. THE BEST THING EVER!!

So I have to slice potatoes today because we will be making a potato quiche. Not just a few, not just a bunch, but boxes. Have you ever seen those old Donald Duck World War 2 cartoons? Remember the episode where he had to peel and slice all these potatoes and they just kept piling up? While he sliced the potatoes he dreamed of flying and parachuting off planes. I felt a little bit like Donald Duck today. I sliced potato after potato and each time with better precision. Oh, I also need onions so I went to slice that with tears flowing down my face. Baked those for what felt like hours until brown and crispy.

"Now make the ratatouille".

"WHAT?". More prepping has to be done. Now I have to slice eggplants, zucchinis, bell peppers, and guess what, MORE ONIONS! Soon I will have tearducts of steel. Nothing can make me cry.

Long story short, I sliced a lot of vegetables today so I guess I can say that I'm feeling pretty freaking calm and relaxed.

We did have an extra cute and extra adorable visitor today. She has the cutest black curly locks and olive brown skin. I showed her my potatoes when it came out the oven. She called them "Tetos". <3

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