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Rainy day...

Summer ended with a rainy day. I wonder how the kids must be feeling since it's their first day of school. Probably totally bummed out. But, don't let the weather get you down. You might be scrambling to save your items from getting soaked or running down the street to get to the closest awning, think that there are people who have nothing and are probably in a worse situation in this rain.

I see a lot of homeless people all over Avondale and Logan Square. The majority of them can be found under bridges or next to highway exits begging for money. So worn out by the days and nights, rain, sleet, snow and living off scraps of food. As an individual you can only do so much. I remember when I used to bring bags of day old pastries to the homeless people living under the bridge on Belmont Ave. I can see in their face that they are very thankful to receive provision. I smiled as they passed the bag around to share with their companions but something inside me still hurts. Yes I fed them today but I didn't even bring them clean drinking water and what about tomorrow? What about when it's cold? Will they have soup to warm their stomachs? What about when they get sick? Who will take care of them? Will they have to endure? How much can a human being endure?

I always have a soft spot in my heart for people in need. No matter how or when or with what, I always try to help out. Some people tell me not to give them money because they will just spend it on alcohol or cigarettes. One time I did witness this exact situation. I gave the man $2 and he went straight to 7-Eleven to buy a can of beer. I did not get mad but I felt bad even more. To see that a person has stopped caring for himself because the world has turned their back on him. I don't know the whole deal but all I know is that they need help and I really can't do it all by myself. I encourage people to show kindness so these people can get back on the right track.

Almost everyday we donate our pastries to organizations that help the hungry. But we want to help more. We want to do more so that we can make a difference. If any of you guys know of any organization whose mission is to help the needy regardless of their past or current situation, let us know. Give us a call on our store phone, look for Candy. We'd love to arrange a pick-up for bread and pastries.

Drive safely out there and stay dry. Remember that you are blessed to bless more people. Have a great day!

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