La Farine Bakery & Cafe

It's A Frittata kind of day...

Since our boss made that eggplant Frittata a few weeks ago, Frittata has been on my mind. Constantly I would ask if he could make more. But he hasn't. So I went home and made myself a Frittata. My veggies of choice were tomatoes, onions, and fresh corn that I had gotten from the Farmer's Market. It was good, but I wanted more.

Finally, today, my wishes came true. He finally made a Frittata with roma tomatoes, basil, and shredded romano and put it inside a fresh flaky croissant. It was LOVE AT FIRST BITE. A few hours later I still couldn't stop thinking about it maybe because I literally had one bite and regretted that I didn't take the whole thing. This Frittata is now being sold in the front of the cafe as a grab-n-go sandwich. Taste the experience of La Farine Bakery through this masterpiece.


La Farine Bakery & Cafe

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