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Happy Friday! Today was a slow kind of day but it was gorgeous outside. I wish I was able to go bask in the sun before summer finally ends. Except most of us worked today so at least I'm not the only one feeling the weekend blues.

What is your favorite chocolate? Mine is the Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate bar. It's my absolute favorite and I rarely buy other things than that specific chocolate. I just love the way the sweet raisins and the crunchy nuts go so well together with the milk chocolate. Ugh, talking about it makes me drool.

Anyway, here at La Farine Bakery we have a Fruit and Nut bread. It is a dark loaf with orange peels, raisins, craisins, and pecans. It is absolutely divine. I would love to eat it in the morning, toasted with some butter. My mouth is watering again. The fruit and nut bread gives your taste buds quite an experience. I love that the bread is a little tough for a better chew and as you chew you get a beautiful melody of tangy and sweet fruits and the crunch of nuts.

Come check it out when you get the chance. You can also find our Fruit and Nut bread at our Farmer's Market Stands. Listed below are Farmer's Markets close to you where you can find us.


Hyde Park

Willis Tower

Low Line at Southport


Lincoln Park

Have a great weekend everyone!

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