La Farine Bakery & Cafe

After Hours Coffee Social Update

We launched our first After Hours Coffee Social last Friday. Unfortunately, the turn out wasn't very good. Two customers and two performers plus our own staff which doesn't count. We realized that we didn't do so well in reaching out to our customers, not even our regulars were there. I wasn't too bummed out about it because it is our first after hours event open to the public and I don't think it was given much publicity in the first place. We are planning to keep this event on a monthly basis. We want our customers to recognize that our bakery is open once a month for community and culture building.

We know we are in a neighborhood full of young and full fledged adults who are very passionate about their art and lifestyles. Many are starting new families and many are living here and doing their thing. We want our bakery to be the place where we can all congregate and meet many people with similar interests like our own. We want to be the melting pot of art, talent, passion, and culture. Our love for old-style bread and traditional recipes is a representation that the same thick fiery blood runs through our veins just like a lot of the people in this neighborhood.

I personally have met all kinds of people in this neighborhood and I never forget to say "Hi" when I walk passed them down Milwaukee Ave. Each and every person that has come in La Farine Bakery, that I had a chance to get to know more, all had one thing in common, a dream. I realized I was living in the right place in the right time. Now is the time when the fruits are ripe. Logan Square and Avondale are crawling with talented, hard-working people, who are not afraid to get dirty and to follow their dreams. I would love to be able to get to know more of them and perhaps network. Together we can build this neighborhood into a flourishing community of skilled artisans. A deep conversation, no judgment and no frills, over coffee or some tea, can add value to your life as a human being.

These are my goals for this community and I hope I can realize these goals very soon.

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