Artisan Bread Making

At La Farine Bakery, our distinctive breads are fresh baked daily. The unique flavors, textures, and crusts give our breads a wonderful versatility. They are a result of meticulous preparation using age-old artisan bread making techniques, premium ingredients and the finest stone-hearth oven imported from Europe.

In the tradition of artisan bread making, we use natural starters for leavening our breads. These starters unlock and intensify the flavor of grains during a slow fermentation process. The natural technique distinguishes us from other bread makers who use preservatives, adding commercial yeast in order to hasten the time it takes for the bread to rise and then adding lard or oil as a preservative. La Farine loaves contain no added fats or preservatives because our breads are fresh baked every day. When you come into our bakery you will savor the vast array of samples from our oven and be surrounded by an aromatic bread show.

All of the breads at La Farine Bakery reflect our commitment to the highest standards of quality, our dedication to the time honored traditions of European artisan bread baking and our undying love of fresh baked, old-world country breads.



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